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Benefits of English language are far more than professional and educational. With wide use of the language in all the fields, it is important to be proficient in English. With your proficiency, you have greater access to the world of information. It also gives enables you to communicate wherever needed in your day to day life. Our General English course is for adults who want to improve their fluency in the language.

Our passionate language experts have carefully designed this course for those who want better understanding and fluency in English language. You might use this course to learn the language to fare better at workplace, in social circle or just for your personal interest.

Course Curriculum

The course aims at training people who have basic knowledge of the language but wants to increase their efficiency. Besides the pre-set curriculum, we fulfil individual needs of the students.

• Speaking communication improvement
• Reading skills
• Writing skills
• Essential grammar skills
• Conversational language
• Important vocabulary
• Accurate pronunciations
• Common idioms and phrases

At the end of the course, you will be well-equipped to present yourself in English in social and professional circles. The course will also instil high level of confidence and morale in you.

Our Trainers

The trainers at our English learning institute in Jalandhar are all experienced and highly qualified language experts. They provide one-to-one tutorials with complete individual attention to the students. You will be able to practice as per your skill requirement. Through group discussions, mock-tests, and debates, you will polish your skills of communication.

The teachers are friendly and hence learners are able to discuss their queries without any hesitation. We are an overall friendly and convenient class room set-up to learn use of the language in practical situations. Our trainers also evaluate and track progress of every student.

The syllabus can be customized to meet your individual requirements. Students are allowed to choose electives as per their need.

Key Features of General English Learning Course

The general English course is one of the very popular courses offered by us. The course provides following key features.

• Extremely cost-effective fees
• Small batch sizes
• Group activities for practical training
• Convenient course length
• Customized long-term study
• Understanding grammar and vocabulary
• Increases speaking and listening ability in English
• Students are provided relevant books and materials
• Personalized learning plans
• Flexible batch timings

The course is an excellent way to build confidence in speaking English. It also improves listening, writing, and comprehensive skills. You can very will expand your vocabulary and enhance your grammatical accuracy.

We know the global presence of the English language. Being a foreign language, it is difficult for everyone to gain good control over it. However, we make it possible for you through our right approach and innovative learning methods. For those who want to gain leverage in speaking, we have specifically designed Spoken English course. All the courses are featured with flexible timings and smaller batch sizes. This enables our trainers to focus on development of every student individually. Call us for more details on General English learning.